Unique Fundraising Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

January 30, 2024

No matter their background, people around the world love to get out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Though the holiday is all about having a good time, it’s also an opportunity for non-profit organisations to inspire giving. By tapping into the holiday’s themes of luck, community, and the iconic green, you can create a fundraising event that raises money and forges stronger connections with your supporters and community. From green-themed bake sales to shamrock scavenger hunts, we’ve put together some creative St. Patrick’s Day fundraising ideas below.

St. Patrick’s Day Fundraising Campaign Ideas

Reach your nonprofit’s fundraising goal and further your charity organisation’s mission with a little luck of the Irish!
Number 1

Give up some green.

This unique fundraising idea asks supporters to give up their daily luxuries—be it their morning coffee, smoothie, or favourite takeout—and set aside that money to donate to your organisation’s mission. It’s a simple yet powerful way to turn small daily habits into impactful contributions. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to level up this unique fundraising idea!

Encourage participants to create personal fundraising pages where they can set goals and track their progress. This helps to personalise the experience while amplifying the potential to reach new audiences and gather additional donations. Supporters can reach out to their social network for pledges to sponsor their daily sacrifice, turning each skipped latte or passed-up pizza into meaningful donations for your cause.

Social media plays a crucial role in this campaign. Urge participants to post daily or weekly updates on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. These posts can range from a picture of their homemade coffee to a snapshot of the money they’ve saved. Using a dedicated hashtag for the campaign can increase visibility and create a sense of community among participants.

Number 2

Run a "Pot of Gold" 50/50 raffle.

This one is extra easy since the cash prize is built into the raffle ticket price. The more ticket sales you make, the bigger the pot. So, if it’s legal in your area, run a hybrid raffle to increase the number of potential donors and enable easy social sharing. If a traditional raffle isn’t feasible due to legal constraints, pivot to a charity sweepstakes. They’re just as exciting but aren’t considered gambling since an entry fee is not required to participate.

A ‘Pot of Gold’ 50/50 raffle is versatile enough to be a standalone campaign or a highlight at a larger event, such as a St. Patrick’s Day festival or gala. Though straightforward, this fundraising idea adds an element of fun while contributing significantly to your fundraising goals.

ices cut out cookies in the shape of rainbows, shamrocks, and pints for St. Patrick's day
Number 3

Organise a St. Patrick's Day baking peer-to-peer campaign.

Similar to the Netflix show “Nailed It,” bakers can create St. Patty’s Day-themed bakes for the first time. Set limits on how long each participant has to complete a bake, and up the ante by choosing decorative baked goods like those featured in the show. Participants can create personal fundraising pages, ask for pledges via their social media, and share the process via Instagram Live or Reels (don’t forget to ask them to tag your organisation!). Additionally, participants can encourage friends and family to give to your cause via your fundraising campaign’s donation page.

Number 4

Organise a "No Lucky Charms" cereal drive.

This fundraiser is great as part of a larger event, such as a gala or traditional St. Patrick’s Day bash. Since low-sugar cereal is a needed item in most food banks, ask people to bring boxes of healthy cereal to your event for donation to a local food bank. Increase this campaign’s fundraising potential by inviting local businesses to participate by sponsoring your drive and hosting donation bins. To enable all your non-profit’s followers to participate wherever they are, set up a donation page. Throughout your event, showcase your drive’s progress on social media and thank your individual participants as well as sponsors to drive engagement and foster a sense of community around your shared goal.

a cute pup on a  green background. The pup is wearing ga green bandanna for St. Patrick's Day.
Number 5

Host a "Green for a Cause" 5K run/walk.

This classic A-thon style event taps into the power of peer-to-peer fundraising! Ask participants to don their greenest gear and hit the ground running, walking, or rolling. They can seek pledges from friends, family, and community members for each mile completed or as a flat donation. Increase participation by making this a hybrid event. People can join in at a designated physical location for a communal experience, or they can log their miles virtually from anywhere in the world. Don’t forget to leverage social media for promotion and live updates, creating an inclusive and interactive atmosphere. Additionally, offering incentives for the top fundraisers or the most miles logged really motivates participants to go the extra mile.

Number 6

St. Paddy's Day pet parade (hybrid event).

Who doesn’t love pets in costumes in the name of a good cause? Pet owners can register their furry friends for a small fee (that goes towards your non-profit’s mission) to participate in categories like ‘Best Dressed’ or ‘Most Creative Costume.’ Enhance the fun by live streaming the parade for virtual participants, who can also join by submitting photos or videos of their pets on social media. Raise funds for your organisation’s good cause through sponsorships from local businesses and gathering online votes for favourite costumes via crowdfunding campaign pages. Level up your fundraising efforts by adding a raffle and online auction into the mix and engaging corporate sponsors to match donations.

As you can see, St. Patrick’s Day offers a treasure trove of opportunities for creative and effective fundraising. By incorporating elements of fun, competition, and community involvement, your non-profit organisation can reach its fundraising goals, connect with a wider audience, and engage supporters. So, this St. Patrick’s Day, embrace the festive spirit, utilise the power of peer-to-peer fundraising, and watch as your community comes together to support a great cause. Ready to start fundraising? Our non-profit fundraising platform is built to support all your online, hybrid, and in-person efforts. Launch your non-profit’s next successful fundraiser now!

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