Plan a Valentine’s Day (or Anti-Valentine’s Day) Movie Night

Valentine's Day movie night at pink neon movie theater

January 5, 2024

The holidays are behind us and gloomy January has arrived—but what’s that bright pink spot on the horizon? Valentine’s Day! It has something for everyone (Don’t believe us? Read on for a little Valentine’s Day history.) and is an opportunity for your business or non-profit organisation to host an event. Jump to our virtual and live film night Valentine’s Day event ideas for both those into romance and those that just can’t with love this year.

A Short History of Valentine’s Day

Though many believe this romantic day is manufactured, it actually has deep roots that reach back to a pagan Roman festival. “Lupercalia” was a pretty debauched affair (read up on it here), but it was related to fertility and partnering up.

By the Middle Ages, it had evolved into a more romantic holiday. The first mention of Valentine’s Day was back in 1375 when in his poem “Parliament of Foules,” Geoffrey Chaucer wrote, “For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne’s day / Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.” (via However, as with many things, the Victorians turned Valentine’s Day into a full-blown holiday with pretty Valentine’s Day cards, hearts, and flowers. But it wasn’t all unicorns, undying love, and rainbows. The Victorians also exchanged something called “Vinegar Valentines,” which could be sassy, teasing, or just plain mean! More on Victorians and Vinegar Valentines here.

a Victorian 'Vinegar Valentine' Photo Credit: Missouri Historical Society

Photo Credit: Missouri Historical Society

Valentine’s Day Parties for Everyone

Whether you’re single, in love, part of a couple, or 100% not on the relationship train, the rich history of Valentine’s Day has plenty of inspiration for a great event! Today, we’ll deep-dive into the idea of a film night. They’re easy to organise, are great for promoting a business and engaging the community, and can also serve as a terrific fundraiser.

Host a Rom-Com/Anti-Love Movie Night for Valentine’s Day

This romantic film (or not) event is all about the film you’re screening, so we’ll start there. Our favourite movies of the anti-Valentine’s Day variety include War of the Roses, 500 Days of Summer, Casablanca, She’s Gotta Have It, Blue Valentine, Fatal Attraction, My Best Friend’s Wedding, John Tucker Must Die, and Gone Girl.

Thinking you want to keep the love alive? Consider screening these romantic comedy films: Always Be My Maybe, Isn’t it Romantic, Crazy Rich Asians, Moonstruck, Love & Basketball, Pride and Prejudice, and the kid-friendly Lady and the Tramp.

Valentine’s Movie Night Event Ideas

String some twinkle lights outdoors and serve decadent finger food (chocolate-covered strawberries or a charcuterie board, anyone?) and cocktails inspired by the movie you’re screening. Lady and the Tramp or jello and creme brulee for dessert during a screening of My Best Friend’s Wedding. Send out on-theme, printed invitations to make it feel even more special. If you’re going the anti-Valentine’s Day route, maybe play with the notion of Vinegar Valentines and get sassy with your decor through things like “Love Stinks” balloons, a heartbreak piñata people can take a swing at, and anti-Valentine’s Day conversation cookies.

Guests can buy printed tickets, which gets them a seat, food (including popcorn), and drinks. As a bonus, mix in some fun activities that go along with your theme. For example, if you’re hosting an anti-Valentines Day, you could offer card games like Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, or traditional card game like Spite and Malice or War. You can also make it family-friendly by planning Valentine’s Day activities for all ages, such as a make-your-own Valentine’s Day Card station or a photo booth station with props and a fun backdrop.

A customizable pink, red and white Valentine's Day event invitation

Make Your Valentine’s Day Movie Night a Fundraiser

Whether you’re a non-profit or a business that wants to give back, your Valentine’s Day event can double as a fundraiser. Here are a few ways to add a fundraising element.

Host a raffle.

Each event ticket sale can include a raffle entry, and the prize draw can happen at the end of the night. Alternatively, host an online raffle and sell tickets in person and online. That way, those at home or who can’t attend can still enter to win and support your chosen cause. Experience prizes are a great idea here—things like dance classes, escape rooms, and cooking classes for two are fun for couples and for people who’d rather bring along their bestie. For tips and tricks on hosting a successful raffle, download our free Raffle for Success e-book.


Create a crowdfunding fundraising campaign on Eventgroove, then promote it in person with text-to-give or through your emcee. 

We hope our movie night ideas help inspire your Valentine’s Day celebration plans! For more event and fundraising ideas, browse our blog or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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