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What’s so great about tickets?

At Eventgroove, we believe that there’s more to printing tickets than “admit one.”

The best tickets aren’t just scraps of paper that sit on your dresser for a few days, get ripped in half by an enthusiastic drama student, and then clog your dryer’s lint filter when you leave the stub in your favourite jeans. The best tickets sell your event, your organisation, and your mission. The best tickets produce the arousal of anticipation before the fact, and the glow of nostalgia afterwards.

Beautiful, high-resolution tickets occupy a place of honour on your patron’s fridge, held at eye-level with a funky magnet, a constant reminder of your upcoming event. They elicit questions from casual viewers and function as stealth advertising to new markets: anyone who walks through the kitchen. They keep people thinking and talking about your event long before the doors open.

Later, after the house lights come up and the confetti’s been swept away, the best tickets begin their second life as souvenirs of a night to remember. Tucked into the frames of full-length mirrors or preserved in the pages of scrapbooks, they keep people thinking and talking about your event for years to come.

That’s what the right ticket can do.

Eventgroove is committed to providing professional printing at affordable prices. Our standard features, like perforated stubs and individual numbering, help keep you organised before the band tunes up and they keep your event secure once the party’s started. Our mission? Helping you accomplish your mission with economy and style. Because you want to do more than just “admit one.” That’s what’s so great about tickets.

Trust us with your tickets.

People have trusted us with their ticket needs since 1997, originally starting in the US and then servicing customers worldwide. We offer an easy to use website, competitive pricing and consistently high quality. If you are a new customer, please consider having us print your next order of tickets, posters, event kits, gift certificates, and coupons. If you are a returning customer please notice our many new ‘quick ticket templates’, posters and other products. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

If you’d like to send us an email please click here. We want to hear from you. If you have specific questions about our products, please try looking for answers here.

Lance Trebesch

Eventgroove Fundraising

Eventgroove Fundraising is a free service by the same team as Eventgroove Products which enables raffle organisers to create a fundraising page and raise more money for their cause. Eventgroove Fundraising enables online ticket sales and provides unique tools to manage fundraisers online. Our mission is to enable organisations to host more fundraisers, raise more money, and sell more tickets for their cause.