How to Create a Great Crowdfunding Page for GivingTuesday

October 10, 2023

GivingTuesday 2023 is on the horizon. As one of the most anticipated online fundraising events of the year, it’s crucial to stand out. How do you design a crowdfunding page that not only captures attention but also inspires action?

Elements of a great crowdfunding page

For your crowdfunding website to truly resonate, here’s what you need:

  • Your unique identity front and centre: Shine a light on your cause and voluntary organisation’s work. When people land on your page, they should recognise who you are and what you stand for.
  • Tell your story: What’s your mission? Why is it crucial? Narrate it in a way that compels, inspires, and moves. Engage your visitors and draw them into why your organisation’s cause matters and why you’re raising money.
  • Emotion in every pixel: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in many ways, it’s true! You want people to feel a connection to your cause. Whether it’s through poignant photos or powerful videos, evoke emotions that drive action.
  • Transparent fundraising metrics: Use tools like a fundraising thermometer to show where you are, where you want to be, and who’s joining you on this journey. Goals, progress, and donor details should be clear and motivating.
  • An easy donor experience: Think secure, fast, and easy. The smoother the process, the more likely people are to contribute money or reshare across their social networks.
  • Ample promotion: You’ve got a story to tell, so shout it from the digital rooftops!

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t—most of what you do every day in support of your charity’s projects already aligns with these elements. We’ll also expand on all these points and provide tips below!

Your blueprint for a stellar GivingTuesday fundraising campaign

Once you’ve got your fundraising platform lined up, use the following steps to build your GivingTuesday donation page:

Showcase your identity

Your logo, colours, and voice are the essence of your charity’s identity. By presenting these elements consistently, you create an immediate sense of familiarity amongst your supporters. This consistency reinforces your nonprofit’s brand and fosters a sense of trust and reliability.

When donors recognise and resonate with your brand, they’re more likely to engage, share, and contribute to your cause. So, invest time in ensuring that every element of your crowdfunding page aligns seamlessly with your voluntary organisation’s brand ethos.

Tell a compelling story

You have just a few moments to capture someone’s attention. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Start strong: Begin with a powerful opening statement or question that immediately resonates with potential donors. For instance, “Did you know that just £15 can provide essential support and resources to a child in need for a month?”
  • Show real impact: Don’t go with overviews or vague statements. Instead, provide tangible examples of how GivingTuesday donations have made a difference in the past. Share success stories, testimonials, or specific projects that were possible because of supporters’ generosity or volunteer efforts.
  • Use visuals: Incorporate photos or short videos that showcase your charity’s good work. Together with your text, they’ll tell your organisation’s compelling story.
  • Be specific: Provide clear information on what your charity will do with the money raised. If you’re fundraising for a particular project, break down the costs. For example, “£100 will contribute to planting native trees and restoring wetlands in the Lake District, promoting biodiversity and conserving wildlife habitats.”
  • End with urgency: Your call to action (CTA) should be compelling and convey a sense of urgency. Phrases like “Donate now and change a life today” or “Help us reach our goal by midnight” can motivate immediate action.

Display your fundraising journey

A dynamic leaderboard or fundraising thermometer not only showcases donations in real time, but it also spurs others to join the movement.

By sharing how close you are to your goal and who is donating (and how much), you’re offering immediate recognition and gratitude to donors. Moreover, when potential donors see the names and contributions of others, it can inspire them to take action. For example, if one of your supporters visits your crowdfunding page and sees you’re close to your goal, they may hit the donate button. By letting visitors see who is donating and how much, you’re tapping into something similar to FOMO. Plus, seeing others donating is reasurring and lends legitimacy to your campaign.

Make donating intuitive

If you’ve ever abandoned a cart online because checking out takes forever or the actual process feels unfamilar, you know that a positive user experience (UX) is essential. So, when supporters decide to contribute to your cause, the process should be seamless and secure.

Start with making sure your ‘Donate’ button is prominently placed, either at the top or front and centre.  Accompany it with a clear and compelling call to action urging your visitors to give. Phrases like “Make a Difference Today” or “Join Our Mission” can evoke emotion and drive action.

Finally, keep the steps needed to complete a transaction to a minimum. Offer various payment options, and don’t make donors jump through hoops to check out. Be sure your platform provides an instant confirmation once a donation is made.

Promote your crowdfunding campaign

A terrific crowdfunding page does not a successful fundraising campaign make. That is to say, once you’ve built your page, the work begins. First, be sure to promote it on social media two to three weeks before GivingTuesday, and consider incorporating peer-to-peer fundraising. Always include the #GivingTuesday and #GivingTuesdayUK hashtags, and, depending on the social media platform, include your crowdfunding page’s link in your bio or in every post. Then, a week before GivingTuesday, send an email to existing supporters and your personal network about your campaign. Finally, on the day of, commit to being very (VERY) active on social media. Post updates on donation progress, thank-yous, and more!

As you prepare for GivingTuesday 2023, drawing inspiration from past successes can be super helpful. On Instagram, check out the hashtag #GivingTuesday—you’ll be able to see tons of past crowdfunding campaigns and the incredible impact they’ve had. If you’re ready to get started building your campaign with a fundraising platform, check us out! Our robust features are built to support the efforts of fundraisers like you.

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