7 Winter Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Campaign Ideas

January 2, 2024

Now that the holiday season’s twinkling lights are in the rearview mirror, the winter blues are starting to creep in. People are inclined towards things that will uplift their spirits, make a positive impact, and provide some enjoyable activities. This is precisely why the latter part of winter presents an excellent opportunity for hosting peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns!

Through your organisation’s peer-to-peer fundraising efforts, you’ll attract new donors and supporters and raise awareness for your charity through social media. Meanwhile, by contributing to their community’s well-being, participants and supporters will experience that much-needed mid-winter serotonin boost.

Below, we’ve compiled eight creative winter peer-to-peer fundraising campaign ideas to (hopefully) spark your imagination.

What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Before we delve into winter peer-to-peer event ideas, let’s revisit the concept of peer-to-peer fundraising. This strategy empowers your supporters to raise funds on behalf of your organisation. Peer-to-peer participants create personal fundraising pages and then request pledges from friends and family members by sharing their pages within their social networks. In doing so, they’re raising money and advocating for your non-profit organisation.

While “walk for a cure” events are a classic example, peer-to-peer fundraising can be adapted for various causes and campaigns. For an in-depth guide, check out our article, “Peer-To-Peer Fundraising: Everything You Need To Know.”

7 Creative Winter Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas

These ideas are great for January, February, and March peer-to-peer campaigns. Though not known for their holiday appeal and actually kind of dreary, these months have a lot of fun inspiration.
Number 1

Dumpling or Dim Sum Eating Challenge.

Who doesn’t love dumplings and dim sum? This year, the Lunar New Year falls on 10th February 2024—get everyone into the spirit with a dumpling-eating challenge. Encourage participants to gather pledges for each dumpling or dim sum they enjoy at local restaurants. It’s a tasty way to raise funds and satisfy appetites.
Number 2

Dragon Dash.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2024 ushers in the Year of the Dragon. Harness that fierce energy and assist people in keeping their resolutions to be more active with a fun run/walk. Peer-to-peer participants can dress as dragons (or dragon-related characters) and then complete a set distance. Pledges can be based on the number of laps, steps, or miles. Encourage participants to run in teams—anyone witnessing a group of dragons will be curious to find out what’s happening! This way, you’ll not only raise awareness through your participants’ social networks but also in person.
Number 3

Leap Year Challenge.

2024 is a leap year, meaning February will have an additional day. Challenge supporters to do something remarkable with that extra time, such as running a marathon or performing acts of kindness. Create a unique social media hashtag so that all your participants can share their Leap Year moment. Encourage participants to use their personal fundraising pages to collect pledges based on their chosen activity. You can also involve local businesses in the initiative. They could match donations for a specific number of Leap Year acts of kindness, motivating more people to contribute money or make donations.
Number 5

Rom-Com Movie Challenge.

February and March are made for getting cozy on the couch. Encourage supporters to solicit pledges for each hour of a romantic movie (or show—we’re looking at you, Bridgerton) they watch during February and/or March.

Number 6

Reading Challenge.

Cosying up with a good book is a beloved winter pastime. For this peer-to-peer fundraiser, you could create a reading list that relates to your cause, or let participants choose their own books. In either case, pledges can be made for each book they read. You could collaborate with your local library or bookshop to raise awareness for your campaign and attract new supporters and participants.
Number 7

Get Out There and Warm Up Challenge.

For those who prefer outdoor adventures, organise a fundraiser that encourages participants to seek pledges for every hour spent outside. Whether it’s ice skating, winter hikes, snowboarding, or shoveling snow, every activity contributes to your cause’s warmth.
Number 8

Indoor 5K Challenge.

Not everyone enjoys snowy landscapes. Organise an indoor 5K challenge where participants collect pledges for every mile or step they complete at the shopping centre or fitness centre. It’s a fantastic way to keep the winter blues away while supporting your non-profit’s worthy cause.

We hope these peer-to-peer fundraising event ideas help spark some hot peer-to-peer fundraising events during the cooler months! If you’d like some more information on how to create a peer-to-peer fundraising page in support of your nonprofit’s mission, watch our tutorial.

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