Supercharge Your Event’s Ticket Sales with Ticket Bundles

July 10, 2023

Looking for a way to boost ticket sales for an event? Try ticket bundling! This tried-and-true ticketing strategy adds value to guests’ experience and helps your event attract more people.

Ticket Bundling: A Win-Win Strategy for Event Ticket Sales

Basically, ticket bundling involves offering multiple ticket options together at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each one separately. However, there’s more to it than simply offering a discounted rate to groups. Get creative and include things like multi-day passes and camping sites for a weekend music festival, a special bundle combining general admission with VIP perks, or even grouping tickets for different yet interconnected events.

Unwrapping the Benefits of Ticket Bundles

Let’s peel back the layers of this concept to explore why it’s such a ticket sales and event planning game-changer.
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A savings proposition

People often view these bundles as getting more for their money, which can make the choice to purchase much easier. For example, someone may be planning to attend a portion of your event. The value of one of your ticket bundle options may be what inspires them to make a larger commitment!
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A large groups magnet

Ticket bundles can be a major attraction for larger groups. When friends, families, or colleagues see the cost-saving potential in bundles, it can inspire them to plan together. Those same people will even encourage others who didn’t know about your event to join in, helping to drive greater ticket attendance.
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Enhanced guest experience

By offering a range of bundled experiences (VIP access, backstage tours, additional events), you create a richer interaction between your event and attendees. In doing so, you’re building a positive association with your brand, and these great memories can turn first-time guests into loyal, repeat visitors.
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Bundling Tickets: How Does It Work?

Follow our four-step guide to setting up and selling ticket bundles that will delight your potential attendees.
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Step 1: Pinpoint your opportunities

Reflect on your event’s unique features and the extras you could bundle together. Are you planning a multi-day music festival? Can you offer exclusive experiences like backstage passes or networking sessions? Do you have the potential to team up with other events to offer a comprehensive local event pass?
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Step 2: Bundle Creation

Use an online event ticketing platform to specify what each bundle includes and set the price. Order appealing, custom-printed event tickets and VIP passes.
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Step 3: Promotion

Now that your bundles are ready, it’s time to start marketing them. List the information on your website and event page. Promote them through your social media channels, email newsletters, blog, and your personal network.
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Step 4: Monitor

Monitor your bundles’ performance. If one isn’t selling as you’d hoped, adjust the contents, pricing, or promotional strategy.

The Net-Net

Ticket bundling can be a strategic lever that amplifies your event attendance, adds super appealing value for attendees, and builds a more vibrant event atmosphere. So, why not give ticket bundles at try for your next event? While you’re at it, check out a complementary tactic—an early-bird ticketing strategy. Whether you use both ticketing strategies or none, remember we’re here to help you every step of the way!

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