Increase Turnout with an Early Bird Ticketing Strategy—A Complete Guide

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May 30, 2023

Increasing ticket sales is always at the forefront of event planners’ minds. There are multiple ways to promote your event and drive ticket sales, including cause marketing, partnering with influencers, and printing posters with QR codes. However, one oft-overlooked yet effective method is an early bird ticketing strategy. Offering discounted prices for a limited time can drive early interest and significantly boost sales. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of an early bird ticketing strategy, how it will help promote your event, and how it works.

What is early bird ticketing?

In a nutshell, an early bird ticket price strategy is a promotional tactic where organizers offer discounted ticket prices before ticket sales are officially launched to incentivise ticket sales.

The benefits of an early bird ticket pricing strategy

The primary benefit to potential attendees is saving money. However, you can also include other perks like preferred seating, early entry, or access to limited-capacity activities. There’s also an intangible benefit to people who purchase early bird tickets—they often perceive themselves as early adopters or loyal event supporters. That feeling adds to their overall event experience and makes them more invested and engaged. Meanwhile, your event benefits from increased ticket sales, improved cash flow, and better event planning. In addition, early bird ticketing increases the buzz surrounding your event in the following ways:
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Early bird ticket purchasers often become advocates for your event, promoting it organically through their friend groups and social networks. This sort of genuine endorsement is super powerful and can positively affect ticket sales.
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When you announce the availability of early bird tickets, it generates anticipation among your target audience. In addition, the limited-time offer and discounted prices capture attention!
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Social Media Engagement

Early bird ticketing provides an opportunity to share engaging content. The sense of urgency associated with the limited-time offer often drives engagement and increases the chances of your content going viral. You can create graphics or videos highlighting the early bird offer and share them on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok. Encourage your followers to share the post, tag their friends, and spread the word.
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Media Coverage

Your event’s early bird ticketing announcement is a newsworthy angle! Contact local newspapers, radio stations, and online publications to share the news and invite them to cover the story. Highlight the benefits of early bird tickets, the anticipated event experience, and any unique features that set your event apart. Securing media coverage can significantly increase the visibility and reach of your event promotion.
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How does an early bird ticketing strategy work?

You can set your early bird ticket prices and timeframe with your chosen event platform’s dashboard and apply the promotion to both online and physical event ticket sales.
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Limited Timeframe

Event organisers set a specific timeframe during which early bird tickets are available at a discounted price. This period usually precedes the official ticket launch by a particular number of days, weeks, or months.
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Discounted Prices

The discount can be a fixed monetary amount off your regular ticket price or a percentage discount. The key is providing a substantial enough value to encourage potential attendees to take advantage of the offer.
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Tiered Pricing

Sometimes, event organisers implement tiered pricing for early bird tickets. This means the early bird ticket price gradually increases as the event approaches or as available tickets diminish. This approach adds an extra element of urgency and motivates potential attendees to secure their tickets sooner rather than later.
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Promotion and Marketing

Promote the availability of early bird tickets through various channels, including your social media networks, email list, event website, and partnerships with relevant organisations. Your messaging should highlight the limited-time nature of the offer, the discount amount, and the benefits of purchasing early.
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Transition to Regular Pricing

As your early bird pricing period draws to a close, use it as an opportunity to create a sense of urgency. Remind followers and potential attendees that the clock is ticking on lower ticket prices.

The Net-Net

Whether you’re planning a conference, charity gala, or music festival, don’t overlook the power of early bird ticketing! By leveraging an early bird ticketing strategy, you tap into the psychology of saving money and the fear of missing out (FOMO), ultimately maximising ticket sales and creating a positive event experience for both organizers and attendees. Good luck, and remember to set a compelling discount, promote your offer through various channels, and transition smoothly to regular pricing as the early bird period ends.

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