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A professional auction experience

Engage bidders, stir up excitement, and maximize the selling price of your items.

Customise. Take full advantage of our customisation features to create your auction page completely under your brand.

Bidding. Our flexible item listing tool allows you to set minimum bids and increments for each item. 
Alerts. Bidders will receive an instant alert as soon as they are outbid, encouraging higher bids. 

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Perks of Using Eventgroove Fundraising

Manage your auction

Manage all aspects of your virtual auction from custom calls-to-action to prize listings to bid increments.

Auction Variety

Choose from two types of auctions–traditioinal English style auctions or Proxy (eBay-style) auctions. 

Custom listings

Create auction items and list them in groups, with multiple quantity options per item.

Automated notifications

Bidders receive text notifications when they have been outbid. Winners are automatically charged, and notified.

Easy Promotion

Advertise your auction items with social sharing, campaign email, our embeddable widget, and Mobile Giving.

Hands-on support

Our knowledgeable team is here to walk you through the campaign setup process to put our powerful software to work.


 How much does running a virtual auction cost?




Stripe payment processing

2.2-2.9% + 20p per transaction


Set a fixed percent for your campaign and decide who will cover the fee.



  • Choose who pays the fee
  • 7.5% of each auction item listed
  • £100 fee cap (for your high-value items, we will never charge you more than £100)
  • Great for large organisations with set budgets
  • If donors pay, there’s no cost to you!

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + 20p to process each credit card transaction (or 2.9% + 20p if not a nonprofit)

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your first Eventgroove Fundraising auction?

Here are answers to our most often asked questions.

How does online bidding work?

Eventgroove Fundraising supports two types of auctions—English and Proxy. English auctions Most charity auctions are English auctions. You will set a starting for each item that will increase based on bids made by supporters. Each bidder proposes a higher price than the previous bid until the auction is over.  Nonprofit organizations usually generate the most money from English auctions. Proxy auctions Proxy-style auctions are similar to auctions on eBay. Bidders will enter the maximum price they are willing to pay for an item (which is not disclosed). Then, the system will automatically place bids on a supporter’s behalf, using the minimum amount possible to give that person the winning bid on the auction item, up to their maximum bid. 

Can I add an online auction to an in-person event?

Yes, this is very common. You can open your auction for bidding days, weeks, or months before your live event, then promote your auction link along with other event materials. At your live event, supporters can use text-to-bid to participate or they can bid directly on your auction page. With an online/in-person auction, you gain the added benefit of having bids come in from people who can’t attend your event.

Can I add an online auction to an online event?

Yes! After setting up your online auction, you can add a link to your event page if you want to start the bidding before your online event, or use our text-to-bid feature to send people to the online auction page during your virtual event. Our Eventgroove Events platform offers easy setup for online events. 

How will bidders know if they are outbid?

The moment a bidder is outbid, the system sends them an email and text message (SMS) alert. Bidders can then simply click a button to submit a new bid. Since the system already recognizes them, they don’t need to add their details again—it’s quick and easy one-click bidding.

How does the fee cap work?

We cap our 4.9% service fee at $100. This means you can list your big ticket items without worrying about a massive service fee. For example, if you list a vacation at $3,000, we will still only charge you $100 for that item. 

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