Fun Summer A-Thon Fundraising Ideas to Try

May 9, 2023

Engage your supporters and raise more funds this summer with a-thons and peer-to-peer! A-thons are a great way to take advantage of the warmer weather and everyone’s desire to be outdoors. Plus, a-thons are a natural fit for peer-to-peer fundraising, which means more awareness and donations for your cause. Are you feeling inspired to add an a-thon to your fundraising campaign strategy? Check out our list of summer a-thon fundraising ideas below!
Fun summer a-thon fundraising ideas - a beach read a-thon

5 Fun Summer A-Thon Fundraising Ideas

Number 1

A hybrid run/walk/roll in the park

Encourage supporters to participate in a virtual run, walk, or roll at a park in their community. Include an in-person element by setting up a walk on a set day at a popular park near your organisation. Participants can sign up, set a fundraising goal, and use social media to raise money and awareness for your cause.
Number 2

A virtual swim-a-thon

Swimming is something people of all ages can participate in. For those who don’t know how, offer a challenge to learn! Participants can swim at a pool or take lessons at and raise money for each lap or increment of time they swim. Consider partnering with local swim teams or lifeguard organisations to increase participation and promote safety.
Number 3

A hybrid dog walk-a-thon

Kick things off with an in-person walk at a community park or nature preserve. Invite supporters to gather pledges for each mile walked that day. Then, supporters can log miles walking their dogs virtually for the rest of the month. Consider partnering with local businesses such as a pet store or vet to offer discounts or prizes for participants.
Number 4

Virtual beach-read-a-thon

Almost everyone hopes to spend time reading a good book by the pool or sea. Invite supporters to ask everyone in their social network to pledge for every page or hour read. Set a time limit for the event and have participants post pictures of themselves reading in their favourite beach spot. Create a leaderboard of the top participants and award prizes for each category.
Number 5

DIY challenge-a-thon

Summer is supposed to be a time for relaxing and doing what you love. Invite supporters to choose the challenge through which they’ll raise money. Challenges could include a certain number of pushups, baking a certain number of cakes, or just spending time doing a favourite hobby. This type of fundraising event allows for a lot of creativity and personalisation.
summer a-thon fundraising ideas -- dog-walk-a-thon

Tips for a successful a-thon summer fundraiser

No matter what type of a-thon you choose, follow these best practices.
  • Set clear and attainable fundraising goals. Setting realistic fundraising goals for individual participants and the event is essential. This will inspire participants to work towards a specific target, which will help ensure you reach your fundraising goal!
  • Provide the necessary tools and resources. Make it easy for people to participate, gather pledges, and promote their progress. Another essential tool is the ability to set up a personalized fundraising page. Providing social media graphics and email templates as additional resources is also a good idea. Many of the tools and resources are built into a fundraising platform—they’re designed to streamline and enhance your fundraising process!
  • Offer incentives and rewards. Motivate participants by offering incentives and rewards for reaching fundraising milestones. So, for example, you could award a dinner for two at a local restaurant to the team that raises the most money. You could also give out other small prizes, such as branded t-shirts or gift cards for ice cream.
  • Communicate regularly. Consistent updates keep fundraising participants engaged and motivated throughout the event. Make sure to send reminders and details on goal progress and acknowledge and thank participants for their efforts every time.
  • Follow up with donors. Be sure to thank contributors for their donations and share the impact their donation makes. Expressing gratitude can help build relationships with donors and increase the likelihood of future donations.
So there you have it, five fun summer a-thon fundraising ideas! And if you’re looking for a better way to manage your fundraiser, we’d love it if you gave Eventgroove a try! Our platform is a powerful tool to help you drive your fundraising efforts to new heights. If you’d like some clarification on peer-to-peer fundraising, make sure to read our article Peer-To-Peer Fundraising: Everything You Need To Know.

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