Rocking out and raising funds go together like tea and cakes.  People love coming out for a good show in the name of charity. If you’re thinking you’d like to forgo the annual dinner and silent auction for something different, or are inspired to raise funds for a cause and envision doing so through a charity concert, read on. The following planning basics will help anyone pondering a concert of their own get started on the right note.

1. Gather Your Team. It’s more appealing to begin with glamourous bits like contacting bands, but really the best way to begin is by assembling a group of people around you whom you can count on and are keen to help. Putting together a charity concert alone isn’t realistic, and it’s better to have those helping from the start. Not only does this keep the planning and execution from becoming muddled, but you’ll find the whole process is smoother with many hands.

2. Select a Venue.  Choosing a date and organising performers together is putting the cart before the horse. You need to lock in the where first! Before you book your local stadium, think hard about how large your event will be. Perhaps a local park, pub, or club is better suited to the vibe and crowd.

3. Book Entertainment. Local artists are the way to go. Not only are these performers easier to get in touch with than Cardi B or Adele, they usually have a loyal local following with whom they’ll share concert details via social media and their websites. That’s a huge help as far as marketing goes! Instead of a straight concert, many Eventgroove customers go for a battle of the bands format—a little competition ups the energy and crowd engagement. To find the talent, contact school and university music departments, pop in to record shops, and have a look at who is playing at area clubs.

charity concert event ticket template

4. Create a Budget and Set Ticket Prices.  List all your expenses—venue, talent, equipment, refreshments, marketing, set-up and take down, security, and t-shirt printing. Don’t forget to include a little cushion—everything always costs more than you imagine it will, and the unforeseen has a way of being spendy. Finally, include how much you’d like to raise for your cause. Add it all up, then divide by the number people you hope will come. That will give you an idea of ticket cost—at the very least, your concert ticket price should cover overhead. Souvenirs and concessions are a great way to raise money, as is having your show’s emcee announce your donation page and encouraging people to support your cause.

5. Promote, Promote, Promote.  Despite a cool lineup, selling charity concert tickets isn’t as simple as popping up a few social media posts. You’ve got to use every avenue available to get the word out and continue to do so right through the date of your show. Tell everyone you meet or know about your cause and the concert you’re putting on in its support. Reach out to local media outlets, local chambers of commerce, and ask everyone on your team and everyone you have ever known to share the news through their social networks.  Print posters and flyers, then hang them everywhere, as well as ask businesses and schools in town if you can display them in store and on campus.

6. Go Online. Set up an online donation site—not everyone will be able to attend your show, but they might want to support your cause! Be sure to include your donations page in all your promotional efforts and, as we said before, mention the web address throughout the actual concert.