Event of the Week: The Reading Roadrunners Spring Do

May 20, 2012

Fun Night Helps Raise Money for Charity

One of the largest running clubs in the UK, the Reading Roadrunners, held their Spring Do event on April 28. The event was organized by runner Tina Wilson, and this was also her first time organizing the social Spring Do. The Spring Do was also an opportunity to raise money for the club and their selected charity, which, this year, was Brinos, “a charity dedicated to the prevention and treatment of deafness in Nepal; over £100 was raised,” Wilson said.

Wilson said a fellow runner recommended Eventgroove and she found the site easy to use and perfect for this event. We were able “to sell raffle tickets and I selected the type of ticket with a stub. When I sold a ticket I could write on the stub who it was sold to—a great audit tool,” Wilson said. She went on to say, “Purchasing the tickets gave my event a bit of class and professionalism. I purposely selected spring colours that made the tickets stand. I wanted a fresh look. The ticket also allowed me to enter quite a bit of detail about my event — in fact I had hardly anyone querying the date, time, et cetera, and they all turned up!”

Advertising and Raffle Ticket Sales

Wilson and her fellow runners were able to spread the word about the event through track announcements they knew runners would be checking as well as their club newsletter, and Facebook. She did say that, “the old fashioned face to face conversations worked the best.”

Wilson advises that when getting ready to sell tickets, first keep track of your expenses. It’s about covering “the costs of the event which included a live band, hall hire, fish and chip supper. The costs were never about making a profit, it was about keeping it affordable,” Wilson said. This will also help to decide how much you want to charge per ticket.

Wilson said that inviting cross country prize winners and their partners as well as approaching runners from the club and at events helped her to sell tickets more effectively than any other method. Don’t underestimate the power of personal contact.

 Smart Scheduling for Smart Events

Wilson also advises that when you are working with a club of runners, or with any club that hosts or attends a lot of events, that you need to keep in mind not to schedule your event on the same as another. “I had to avoid the Virgin London Marathon date and it paid off,” she said. “Make sure any bookings you have to make are in place before you purchase your tickets/start promoting date and start promoting at the very least 3 months before the event date,” Wilson added.

Something to keep in mind if you are planning an event for a large club or even just a small gathering, you should “record every ticket sale and keep a very accurate record of expenditure for auditing purposes.  Make sure you have a cash float to give change when selling tickets [as well],” Wilson said.

After the stress of planning and putting the event together was over, Wilson said there were some great highlights to the event. She was ecstatic that she was able to sell enough tickets to cover the expenses of the event and still donate to Brinos. She also said, “Everyone had a really great time, lots of very complimentary feedback.”

The Spring Do helped Wilson get her feet wet planning events as well raise money for a great cause.

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