Event of the Week: May Day Celebrations!

April 22, 2013

How to Celebrate the Early May Bank Holiday

May Day is fast approaching and the UK is gearing up for a lovely day off on Monday, 6 May. The Early May Bank Holiday is notorious for a few reasons, but most recently it has been known for the opportunity to celebrate workers’ rights, as well as a chance to cut loose and have a bit of fun, attend events, and catch up on some much-needed rest.

Reveling in the start of the summer season is yet another reason to get out and celebrate on May Day. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of events that you can attend to help you get your celebration on!

A Unique History

The celebration of May Day has roots in fertility rituals that were performed back in pagan times. Many events were held to celebrate the Roman Goddess, Flora. Remarkably, Scotland has been celebrating the Early May Bank Holiday since 1871, and it was established in the rest of the UK in 1978.

May’s first weekend will give many people the chance to enjoy a day off of work, and many businesses, schools, and other organisations will close as well. Select stores may be open or closed, so it’s smart to get your shopping done early for this holiday.

Maypole dancing is a popular May Day tradition worth mentioning. Children, mainly girls, dance around a large pole with ribbons hung from it, and create an attractive pattern on the pole itself with the ribbons.

What’s On for May Day 2013

The most important thing to do for the Early May Bank Holiday is to get out there, enjoy yourself and celebrate. You could try your hand at planning your own event, or if you’d rather not put in the extra work on your day off, check out one of the following events that we’ve conveniently listed for you:



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