Event of the Week: Taken 2 Film Screening

December 6, 2012

Anti-Trafficking Group  Raises Awareness with Popular Film 

In the summer of 2009, the movie Taken was released. This also happened to be the summer that I was to travel abroad to Scotland for a month. Being the daughter of a military man, my father required that I watch the movie Taken at least five times before I left. The movie is based on the rarely heard about world of human trafficking in the world.

Three years later, with the release of the sequel, Taken 2, Jill Robinson had the same idea. Robinson and her colleagues hosted a private film screening and reception in order to raise awareness. Their group is called North Down ACT (Active Communities against Trafficking). The group is affiliated with “the global movement Stop the Traffik. The purpose of our group is to raise awareness and educate people about Human Trafficking,” Robinson said.

Tickets to the film screening were sold to raise funds, but also to bring people in and “we felt showing a current film would attract people to the event,” Robinson said. Robinson’s group has a number of projects in the works that they were raising money for. “We were raising money for funds for the group itself to continue with its awareness raising efforts, secondly to provide hampers/gifts for victims of Human Trafficking as in most cases when they are rescued they have nothing,” Robinson explained. But showing a movie wasn’t the only goal of the night. “We wanted to create awareness to people who did not know about Human Trafficking,” she said.

The event was nearly sold out due to the marketing efforts by the members of the group. Robinson ordered posters from Eventgroove, that the members put up around the local area. Word of mouth was also instrumental in hosting the event. “For us as a group who are passionate about seeing an end to Human Trafficking it was great to see people read the literature we had displayed and say to us they had no idea this was happening and becoming aware of the signs to look out for so if they see anything suspicious they can report it. When people ACT things change,” Robinson said.

To plan an event with such a powerful message, organization is key. “When you have a good film or one that is widely talked about and current the tickets to a large degree sell themselves. However as regards advice I would say get the idea of the event and the venue booked months in advance so that you have something to work towards. We held our event on Anti Slavery day so there was real significance to the date as well,” she said.

The film screening brought attention to the atrocity happening in the world around us, and hopefully with continued awareness, these acts will soon be a thing of the past. For more information on the cause, check Robinson’s North Down ACT Twitter account and Facebook page. Also see the global efforts to stop trafficking at Stop the Traffik’s website.

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