How a Hobby Helps a Great Cause

Across the UK, motorcycle enthusiasts ride to Tewkesbury for an annual rally that raises money for charity. The Barflys are the group of bikers who put on this event each year, and, as they put it, are a “group of friendly bikers that like to organise a rally once a year for any bikers across the UK to come and party with a difference!” The rally is held near a river in Tewkesbury and this year it was held during the same weekend as the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival to attract more people.

Russell Grimmett explained that it’s a “weekend with plenty of music and entertainment.” This year the rally was held to benefit NABD, the National Association for Bikers with a Disability. The idea was to raise as much money as possible and they were able to raise £750. Grimmett said that this is the seventh year the rally has been held and by far the more successful. “We started off with around 50 people, to which we now hold 450 people. This is actually all we can get on the site! We’re getting stronger each year,” he said.

In order to spread the word nationwide about their annual rally, Grimmett said they advertise in national bike magazines, Facebook and online rally sites as well as The Barflys’ website. Grimmett said that the addition of using PayPal as a payment method really helped to sell tickets this year. In past years, they were accepting only cheques through the post, and then at the gate sales. “Last year saw us sell 170 pre booked tickets and the rest turned up on the gate, but this year we sold 380 pre booked tickets with the help of PayPal. Some people still like to send in cheques, but around 300 of the tickets came from PayPal,” Grimmett explained.

Grimmett said that the best part of the rally every year is the music and this year was no exception. The musicals acts that performed this year were Metalhead who performed on Friday, Big Joe Bone who performed Saturday afternoon and The Wizards of Oz (an Ozzy Osbourne tribute band) and Guns N Roses Experience who played Saturday Evening. Grimmett said that all the acts went really well and they are hoping to book “the popular Hells Bells (an AC/DC tribute) that are superb!”

Grimmett’s advice for those planning a weekend long event is to make sure “you are well prepared with everything. Make sure you have enough people to help out on the event days, toilets are a must and get some highly recommended bands that entertain. Get people involved and make sure your ticket prices are relevant to the event.”

Grimmett ordered Motorcycle General Admission Ticket on White 300 gsm Uncoated Smooth because they “were brilliant, not only did they look great for our rally but it also gave the rally goers something to keep by ripping off the stub. People like this! The security measures also help a great deal as it stops anybody copying tickets.” He added that the “service was outstanding and very quick indeed. The prices are amazing and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for event tickets at all.”

Check out The Barflys rally next year for another weekend of fun.