How to Maximise Raffle Ticket Sales

March 8, 2018

Holding a raffle is one of the more effective ways to raise funds. The prospect of winning a lovely prize while helping a good cause for the price of a raffle ticket is exciting for most! That said, assuming that “if you hold it, they will buy them” isn’t the best way of going about putting together a raffle draw. We’re not saying positive thinking doesn’t have its merits, but advice from fundraisers just like you is more of a sure thing. To that end, the following are selling tips we’ve gathered from our raffle ticket customers.

How to Sell Lots of Raffle Tickets

  1. Confirm you’re legal. How awful would it be to begin selling only to run afoul of the gambling commission? If one plans to hold a raffle and wishes to pre-sell tickets, or even run a school raffle, a Small Society Lottery License may be required. They don’t cost much (under £70, including registration) and are well worth it! Alternatively, you may simply have to register with your local licensing authority
  2. Organise irresistible raffle prizes geared toward those to whom you plan to sell tickets. Money or jazzy items are great, but “experience prizes” tend to really tempt. Cooking classes, photography classes, riding lessons, rock climbing, belly dancing, beach hut rentals…all kinds of things are going on in your community. Call and ask those businesses for donations
  3. Get great raffle tickets that detail prize info, draw time, and place, as well as provide contact and cause information. Just about all our customers have pointed to their professional-looking raffle tickets as the key driver to robust raffle ticket sales. Asking someone to spend £10 for the chance to win a weekend for two at a local B&B becomes easier when the raffle ticket has a legitimate appearance and feel. Pro tip: Give in-person sales efforts an assist by printing up flyers and posters. These are handy to have along when selling tickets because they offer additional space to show off prizes, talk about your cause, and present contact information. Plus, many businesses will allow you to post them in-store.
  4. Bring along kids and pets associated with your charity. Pint-sized people dressed in their school or sport uniform are excellent at selling tickets. The same goes for pups and kittens! If your cause is not child- or animal-related, include a “spokeskid” or “spokesdog” anyway—they’re great icebreakers.
  5. Involve everyone. Our church, school, and team customers report that giving each person a number of raffle tickets they are responsible for selling is a very effective way to reach raffle sale goals.
  6. Use social media. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—whatever your platform, employ it to reach out to your followers. Ask friends and family to do the same. Pro tip: Set up an online raffle site through which to sell raffle tickets (you can do so for free using our fundraising service). That way, people can buy a ticket the moment they see your raffle on their feed.

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