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October 19, 2012

Personal Loss Leads to Fundraiser for Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

After losing her father last October at the age of 43, Nikki Squires knew she wanted to raise money for charity and honour her father’s life, and the idea of a memorial fundraiser came into being. Out of sorrow and loss came and uplifting celebration of life that also had the positive effect of creating awareness and generating funds for a relevant and worthy cause. “The goal of the event was to show people what a great man my Dad was and to give people the chance to donate to a good cause and also to show their respects to the family,” Nikki said.

The money raised from the event was all donated to the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity. The charity was founded in 1999, “the legacy of Helen Rollason, who died of cancer at 43.” The charity functions on three levels. There are the Helen Rollason Cancer Support Centres, the Helen Rollason Clinical Drug Trials, and the Helen Rollason Research Laboratory, all of which further the goal of supporting individuals with cancer and bringing hope for a cure in the future. According to their main website, the charity “receives most of its funding from public and corporate donations, fundraising, events, grants and through twelve shops. It relies on support from volunteers.”

Nikki said that they were able to meet their fundraising goa arel and extremely happy with the outcome. In order to spread the word about the event, She relied heavily on word of mouth, one of the most useful techniques for those whose events are interesting enough to generate enough buzz. If it’s possible to create an aura of interest, you’re more likely to enjoy in positive feedback from your supporters, who will provide you with free and honest advertising. “Basically it was our family and close friends that we invited and then they asked their families and friends,” Nikki said. She ordered the 2012 Fancy VIP Pass from Eventgroove in order to pass out to those attending.

Nikki found that the main highlight of the whole night was “that we celebrated and joined as a unit to remember my Dad and to celebrate his life.” For planning such a personal event, Nikki said that it was actually “was quite easy and straight forward and it showed on the night. Advice i would share would be to just enjoy it and keep calm, I would also recommend your service as everyone complimented the tickets.”

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