Event of the Week: Mr. Mad T Productions Old Skool

September 24, 2012

Old School Music Event for Older Audiences

Funk, Soul, and New Jack Swing

Mr. Mad T Productions wanted to bring back the old school party on 11 August, and they did just that. Promotion and Marketing Director Mark Pryce said that the party was “an Old School Music event featuring music genre of funk, soul, R&B. and New Jack Swing, ranging from the 1980s to mid 2000s.” The company specifically aims to provide events for an “older audience who want a pleasant night out in the company of likeminded people who prefer music of this genre in a friendly party atmosphere. We try to target people with an age range of 30 years plus but we allow from 25 years and upwards to our events,” Pryce said.

The goal of the night was for older generations to kick back and get their groove on to music that they adore, music that the younger generation doesn’tnecessarily appreciate. Pryce said that Mr. Mad T Productions recognized that there has been a struggle “over the years to find clubs or events that cater for the combination of our age group and music genre.” The club scene has definitely changed from the days of Gershwins, New York NewYork, Bobby Browns and Chaplins.

You can see more of the events that Mr. Mad T Productions hosts on their website and Facebook page. This Old Music Event wasn’t held to raise money for the company or for charity. It was solely meant as a great night out for a crowd that has limited choice in Nottingham. Money from entrance fees went only to cover the cost of the fantastic event.

To get the word out, the company used social media, specifically their Facebook page. They sent direct invites to their company’s fans as well as to the public. But when dealing with an older generation, social media might not reach everyone, some people over 30years old have not yet discovered the addictive force of Facebook or Twitter. Pryce said they countered their social media campaign with flyers; the tickets printed from Eventgroove, as well as heavy radio adverts.

Pryce said the main highlight of the night was being able to look out over the dance floor and seeing all the “dancing and BIG smiles all night long.” Pryce owes the success of the night to having a plan. “Don’t just make it up as you go along. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Get a good reliable team behind you who have the same goal and use each person to their strengths. More can be accomplished with teamwork,” Pryce explained. You can see more pictures of the great night at Mr. Mad T Productions Facebook page.

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