Event of the Week: Family Fun Day & Concert

July 29, 2013

Full Day of Events Raises Money for Jamaican Hospital

There are many good appeals one could raise funds for, and anyone would be hard pressed to deny the need for adequately equipped hospitals. The Angel Foundation held their family fun day and concert on 6th July for just such a cause.

The foundation was begun in 2011 by Angelia Christian, after a trip to Jamaica, the country of her birth, resulted in a hospital visit. Christian was on holiday at a North Coast resort when her daughters, Holly,12 and Petra, 16, nearly drowned and were rushed to St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital (SABRH) for emergency treatment.

While Christian praises the medical staff for working quickly to ensure her daughters’ recovery, she told The Jamaica Gleaner earlier this year that she “was shocked at the condition of the Accident and Emergency Department” and “was so appalled at the condition of the hospital that I took my daughter out without the doctor’s consent.”

Until recently the SABRH pharmacy wing had to be abandoned due to structural deterioration, leading to a decrease in inpatient and outpatient treatment space. A letter to the editor of the Jamaica Observer detailed another’s experience at the center in February. He saw others “lying on the ground” awaiting treatment and was told by a fellow patient that she had been waiting in the emergency area for two days.

Several charitable organisations have made strides in recent months to improve conditions at SABRH, and the Angel Foundation is one of the leaders in the movement. In April, the foundation was able to donate equipment valued at £42,421, including ambulances, beds, chairs, hoist machines for patients and wheelchairs among many other items.

Christian held the family fun day “to raise awareness about the Angel Foundation and our purpose for starting this charity, and raise money to buy hospital equipment.” Her event was packed with activities for the whole family, including many vendors selling clothes, beauty products and jewellery, a fashion show, family portraits and face painting, cupcake decorating and a bouncy castle for kids. She adds that the special performances by participants like James Anderson and reggae greats Yvonne Curtis and Winston Reedy helped make the day special.

The day was advertised with email, banners, flyers and radio. Christian says it was “quite difficult to get the message out to people, in particular the Jamaican communities here in London and the borough of Hackney,” but she does feel that the radio spots brought in the most people.

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