Event of the Week: An Evening With Steve Davis

April 29, 2013

Snooker Legend Helps Club Celebrate 30th Anniversary

At a time when many long-standing businesses are having trouble keeping their doors open, hitting the 30-year mark would be quite an occasion for any establishment.

The George Scott Snooker Club in Liverpool celebrated their 30th anniversary recently by inviting members to watch snooker legend Steve Davis in action at their club.

Davis, a six-time world champion in the sport, has won more professional titles than any other player. He was also the number one player in the world for seven straight years, from May 1983 to April 1990, and became the sport’s first millionaire.

Davis has been made both a Member and an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. He now combines his professional playing with work as a proven television analyst and special commentator for snooker coverage on the BBC.

While the game of pool is favoured in the US, snooker is more popular in Great Britain and countries where it had colonial interests. Snooker takes extra skill, because the balls used are smaller, while the table is larger and the pockets narrower than those used in pool.

Event organiser Geoff Scott said the goal of the private evening was to help “raise [the club’s] profile for the next 30 years [of business].” They used word of mouth, Internet advertising, posters and the club’s Facebook page to promote the anniversary evening.

Ticket stubs were placed in a hat and then pulled randomly to give six club members the opportunity to play a frame with Davis. Member Alan Rodaway was one of the winners, and donated his frame to Billy England, the young son of a friend who was in attendance.

Another special moment for Scott was when Davis gifted the club with a limited edition portrait of himself.

Scott says that planning the evening was “no problem” and that the main thing needed for such a process is to put a lot of thought into it, while he also notes that having some prior experience does help one out a bit.

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