Want to raise funds for your charity fast? Raffles are an effective means, but sourcing appealing prizes can be somewhat of an undertaking. Consider the 50/50 raffle as an alternative! It’s a great way to raise funds quickly and with little fuss as you don’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out prizes since that’s built right in. All that’s needed are some great-looking 50/50 raffle tickets to sell.

All sorts of Eventgroove customers use a 50/50 raffle to meet their fundraising goals, including churches, schools, social clubs, and sport teams.It’s also handy as an additional fundraising source when held within a larger benefit event, such as a dinner or gala.

50/50 Raffle Draw Basics

  1. Unlike its flashier cousin, the regular raffle, the 50/50 raffle’s prize is built in to the ticket price. The premise is essentially that the total amount earned by ticket sales is split evenly between the raffle winner and the charity for which it’s been organised.
  2. Because total raffle ticket sales are shared equally by the cause and lucky winner, the 50/50 raffle is not as big an earner as a traditional raffle. However, its return on investment can’t be beat, and it takes far less time, people, and effort to put together.
  3. Though certainly not expected, 50/50 raffle winners often donate their prize (or a portion) back to the cause.

50/50 Raffle Draw Tips

  1. Ticket prices are typically between £1 – £10, depending on whether your raffle draw is part of a larger fundraising event.
  2. Encourage raffle ticket buyers with an incentive, such as a reduced per ticket price for the purchase of multiple tickets—after all, the more people who purchase, the larger the prize and corresponding donation will be.
  3. When incorporating a 50/50 raffle into your event, use a clear plastic jug to collect tickets and draw the winner from the container. Make sure those selling the tickets are wearing aprons with pockets or fanny packs—that way, they have a place to hold unsold tickets and a spot to stash cash generated by sales.
  4. Keep ticket sellers apprised of how much money has been generated so far—a growing prize is a more enticing one!

What You’ll Need to Hold a 50/50 Raffle

  1. First, make sure everything is legal by reviewing the Gambling Commission’s rules as they pertain to your fundraiser. Don’t forget to check the laws regarding the promotion of your raffle using social media sites such as Facebook.
  2. Raffle tickets! What kind depends on whether your 50/50 raffle will be held as a standalone or is ancillary to your fundraiser.
  3. In cases of standalone draws, it’s best to go with 50/50 raffle tickets custom printed with cause and draw details. They’ll also give your raffle a professional look and feel.
  4. Cloakroom-style tickets are excellent for 50/50 raffles embedded within a bigger benefit event.