5 Tips for Getting Great Raffle Prizes

March 13, 2018

Planning a charity raffle in support of your school or chosen cause? You’re going to need some appealing raffle prizes! Getting them while keeping overhead low takes some planning and effort, but all that hustle will be worth it in the end when you reach your fundraising goal.

How to Get Great Raffle Prizes

  1. Create a target prize list. Before reaching out to anyone and everyone, create a wish list of sorts—determine what you’d like as your first, second, and third raffle prizes, then approach businesses with that in mind. So, instead of calling up a local spa and asking for anything they may be able to donate, you can be more specific in your request by saying, “We’re looking for a pamper package for our first prize, and would love for it to come from a fabulous, all-natural focused spa such as yours!”
  2. Pick up the phone or go in person. It’s tempting to craft an email or letter that you personalise to each prospective business and leave it at that. But more often than not, those messages get ignored. The best thing to do is follow up that email with a call or even a visit to the business in person.  Either way you do it, connecting with them in a real way and explaining why you think they’d be a match for your raffle may help you secure a prize donation. If you do visit in person, be aware that the timing may not be right—offer to come back later when they aren’t as busy.
  3. Get personal. As we mentioned, many will write a letter that can be customised to the recipient and then dropped into an email or Facebook messenger. The thing is, the recipient will be able to tell the letter has been copied and pasted, and in truth you’re asking for help, so make a case for it! Try crafting a missive that feels personal and connects your raffle with their business in a real way. A great explanation of why this approach tends to be more effective is here on Millie’s Beach Huts blog.
  4. Think local.  It’s tempting to go right to national, big name chains for flashy raffle prizes, but you’re better off looking within your community.  A neighbourhood business is already invested in supporting their area—chances are they live and work in your town, too!  Reach out to local hair salons, independent florists,  personal trainers, rock climbing facilities, dog walkers/groomers, photographers, tax professionals…the sky is the limit! Any prizes secured can then be augmented by bundling them. For example, a couple weeks of dog walking can come with gourmet dog biscuits, a dog outfit, and perhaps a day at the groomer!
  5. Ask friends, family, and those within your organisation. Folks have all sorts of things squirrelled away in their attics and homes! You never know who has a lovely red wine, brand new electronics, sports gear, or other cool, “raffle-able” items they’d be thrilled to donate. Don’t forget you can take a small item like a bottle of whisky and turn it into a lovely gourmet hamper!

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